Rabbi-Cantor Angela Buchdahl of Central Synagogue in Manhattan:
"Jewmongous is funny 'til it hurts. Sean Altman dishes out an irreverent, sometimes vulgar, but always illuminating view of American Jewish life. While his humor cuts to the bone, Altman's pride in the tribe is always evident, and he is also a world-class Mensch. Listen and weep. And love it!"

Rabbi Lia Bass of Congregation Etz Hayim in Arlington, VA:
"Sean Altman has an amazing voice, an awesome sense of humor and great timing. He is a powerful musician with charm and wit to boot. More than anything, Sean has his finger on the pulse of American Jews, and he is able to reach out to people in a unique way. Listening to him, one can get a distinctive glimpse into the American Jewish community."

Rabbi Micah Becker-Klein of the JCC in Springfield, MA:
"Incredibly funny and amazingly smart. I was so pleased and honored to have you help create a dynamic and varied musical line-up for our first Western Massachusetts Jewish Music & Arts Festival. The show was entertaining, sharp, witty, contemporary, and yes, educational - all with the seriousness of a Saturday Night Live skit. In particular, your lyrical skill of turning vulgar anti-Semitic assumptions that have littered the globe for centuries into a comedic presentation of how absurd the claims really are - was rewarding and amusing to hear."

Rabbi Rebecca YaŽl Schorr of Congregation B'nai Tzedek in Fountain Valley, CA:
"Edgy, nearly inappropriate, yet uproariously funny, Altman captures much of what is fun and funny about being a member of the tribe."

Rabbi Chava Koster of B'nai Israel in Manhattan said this in a Boston Globe article:
"There's such a tongue-in-cheek love for Judaism that comes out. I found it funny and moving, a very human celebration, through the laughter, of being Jewish."

Rabbi Brian of Religion-Outside-The-Box (rotb.org):
"This rabbi is very proud of Sean Altman. Jewmongous is the kind of kosher that we should all rock to."